Biomedical Engineering Training

Bowen University Teaching Hospital, Ogbomoso
Project Status: Continuing
Project Managers: Dr. Adewumi Duradola (BUTH), Elaine Neil Orr (

Beginning in 2007, NFW has partnered with Bowen University Teaching Hospital to improve the teaching hospital’s biomedical equipment, to provide advanced training for biomed technicians, and to create a new climate of care for medical equipment.  The transition of Baptist Medical Center Ogbomoso into a teaching hospital created an urgent need for staff training and better management both in facilities that already existed and in anticipated new medical facilities.

Just fixed a bililight

Just fixed a bililight

Purposes of the program are to:

  • Encourage an environment in which equipment is selected and maintained in ways sustainable in tropical Africa,
  • Facilitate a new knowledge base that will allow BUTH and its staff to exercise “best practices” in equipment care, and
  • Create a medical culture that places high values on equipment maintenance.

Joining the partnership between NFW and BUTH is engineer Rob Dickinson from South Africa, who has visited BUTH on five occasions, each time for a two-week stint of teaching and training.  Mr. Dickinson is a world-class biomedical engineer with experience throughout the African continent as well as in South America and in other regions of the globe.

Foci of the teaching and training provided by Mr. Dickinson include routine maintenance, trouble-shooting techniques, education of all medical and hospital staff in the significance of equipment servicing, advising on inventory, creating databases of equipment and schedules for routine maintenance.

Rob Dickinson, Joseph Edowhorhu, and Segun Ogunlana.

Rob Dickinson, Joseph Edowhorhu, and Segun Ogunlana.

In tandem with Mr. Dickinson’s visits, several members of the hospital staff have received advanced bionmedical training at Valley View University near Accra, Ghana.  Dr. Timothy Awotunde (pediatrics) and Mr. Joseph Edowhorhu (maintenance director) participated in two conferences on healthcare technology management.  And Mr. Segun Ogunlana, biomedical technician, completed a degree program over the course of two years.

Areas of advancement in the course of this project are: significant new knowledge among staff, especially Mr. Ogunlana; greater value being placed on hospital maintenance among all levels of hospital administration and staff; attainment of more and better equipment; more regular maintenance and documentation of equipment; greater confidence among staff about their capacity to master the challenges of medical equipment care.

A recent visit by an NFW team to BUTH confirms that there is interest among all in a second stage in this joint project, which we all agree has not yet reached maturity.