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To Volunteer

To volunteer, contact any NFW Council Member

Make a Financial Donation

Voluntary gifts are deeply appreciated and are NFW’s only source of support.  Your gift can make a lasting difference in the lives of many Nigerians. 

For the past several years, all the members of the NFW Council have been making personal donations that have covered all administrative expenses.  This has enabled the gifts from all other donors to go 100% to support projects at work in Nigeria.

Please visit our online donations page

or to mail a donation to us:

Make checks payable to Nigeria Faithful Works, Inc.  Please include the “Inc.” as it is required by the bank as a necessary part of NFW’s legal name.

Mail to:

Nigeria Faithful Works, Inc.
2513 Buckingham Drive
Heath, TX  75032

•All gifts to NFW made as above are tax deductible.

• Gifts in memory or in honor of Nigerians, or people who served in Nigeria, are especially meaningful.

•Consider asking your church about a gift from its missions budget, or approaching your civic club about a donation.