Construction of Women’s Training Centre

Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso
Status: Nearing Completion
Project Managers: Dr. Ruth Oyeniyi and Kevin Reece

The construction of the Women’s Training Centre at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary began in 2016 under the leadership of Dr. Ruth Oyeniyi, who is a professor at the seminary and its Director of Women’s Services. The facility is being built in stages as funds are raised.

Women's Building

The Women’s Training Centre as it appeared in March 2019. Doors, plastering, furnishings, and equipment are needed for completion.

The women’s ministry at the seminary actually began back in 1939, but has always been underfunded and temporarily housed in limited rooms scattered around the campus. The new Women’s Training Centre building will be the first facility specifically designed and built as a permanent place for training in women’s ministries.

It will be a multi-purpose facility that will equip women for leadership roles that no man could fulfill, a place where women from different tribes and backgrounds will find common ground and common dreams. The Centre will provide a wide range of services for the wives of pastors and seminary students, helping them become well-equipped partners with their pastor husbands in leading churches. Classes will include general theology, spiritual guidance, church music, and social skills.

The WTC will teach the women how to start a small business. Churches often can’t afford to pay their pastor a full salary, so the wives will be able to supplement their families’ incomes.  Other training will include health and hygiene, pre- and post-natal care, and nutrition.  Overall, the women will be prepared to become women of standing in the communities where they will go on to serve. About 90% of Nigerians struggle to live on less than $2 a day, so the WTC graduates will be going to live in places where big challenges are waiting. When women lead, they can be a powerful force against poverty, hunger, illness and other challenges. This steady line of Christian women leaders will go to serve throughout Nigeria, and in some cases to other parts of Africa.

NFW has partnered with the seminary and Dr. Oyeniyi since 2016 in the phased construction of this building, bringing it from digging the foundations to its current state – a roofed building with windows and electrical wiring. Still needed are doors, plastering and program-related interior furnishings and equipment.

Seminary officials have invited NFW council members to the dedication of the new facility in August 2020. Several NFW members will travel to Ogbomoso for the event. The NFW council is excited that the new building is nearing the start of operations because it is one of the most ambitious projects we have supported. It is also one of the most important, because of its potential impact on the lives of women throughout Nigeria, now and for generations to come. We are asking all who read this to seriously consider giving to complete this important facility.

“The Women’s Training Centre  is planning to celebrate the dedication of the building in August 2020. I’m seeing this vision come true with your help. Thank you so much!”   —Dr. Ruth Oyeniyi
Director of Women’s Services