Deep Well

Baptist Medical Centre Ogbomoso
Completed in 2005
Project Managers: Burster Iyere, Chris Strock and Jon Low

The essential rockhammer drill bit
(lower right)

Trying to operate a sanitary hospital without a plentiful supply of clean water creates huge challenges. The Baptist Medical Centre in Ogbomoso (known today as Bowen University Teaching Hospital) had been struggling for years to meet its needs with several shallow wells that couldn’t penetrate a layer of rock about eighty feet below the surface. In the dry season the water table would fall below the rock level, and as a result the hospital would have to purchase expensive and not-so-clean water that was brought in daily by a tanker truck.

This hospital was started by missionary doctor George Green in 1907, and is the oldest Baptist medical mission in the world.

When NFW committed to this project, the hospital staff felt it was so important that they began praying for its success, and many of them began fasting.

Chris Strock and Tunde Adenowo

With oversight from NFW volunteer engineer Chris Strock and Tunde Adenowo of Sabatek Ltd., the Sabatek crew used a special “rockhammer” drill bit to break through the rock to a deep aquifer of clean and plentiful water. The new well produces about thirty gallons a minute and supplies water to all buildings on the compound.


Burster Iyere

“This was an exhilarating experience for all of us on the staff. I wept with joy. The yield is amazing. We give God the glory. This saves us much money in the strained costs of our operations. We will be eternally grateful for the generosity of all those who gave through NFW.”

—Burster Iyere
Hospital Administrator