Special Matching Challenge Will Double Donations
To Nigeria Faithful Works By Year’s End

      Nigeria Faithful Works has been working for 18 years in partnership with Nigerians who are laboring faithfully and even heroically to carry on the work our families started in years past. In a country where 90% of the people live on less than $2 a day, institutions struggle in very daunting conditions.

      A generous couple has offered to match donations to NFW between now and the end of the year, up to an aggregate of $25,000. This is a unique and valuable opportunity—if you make a gift, this match will double it. If this matching challenge is fully successful, we will never have had this much money to devote to projects before.

      Each spring NFW allocates the gifts received in the previous calendar year and we drain our bank account to fund projects in Nigeria. Our resources have always been modest, and so most of our past projects have been limited in scope; some projects have even had to be funded in stages over several years (especially construction work) because of limited funds. This matching challenge offers a rare opportunity for us to undertake more ambitious projects.

      All NFW’s overhead is paid for with personal gifts from NFW Council members, so that all other gifts from donors like you go 100% to projects in Nigeria.

      Faced with a difficult economy, high inflation, and widespread poverty, Nigerian institutions constantly face financial challenges. NFW helps make projects possible that they can’t fund themselves, but can sustain or maintain once a project is in place. Each project impacts many lives. All projects are requested by Nigerians, and each project has a Nigerian project manager. In most cases, we provide the funding and our partners provide the manpower.

      We invite you to visit our web site nigeriafaithful.org to see a complete history of all projects with comments from Nigerians, as well as how we work in partnership with them.

      Please join us and help our faithful brothers and sisters in Nigeria with a gift in an amount of your choosing. We’re not asking you to give until it hurts, only until it feels good to you. You can either give online on our secure web site in the ‘How You Can Help’ section, or with a check payable to Nigeria Faithful Works Inc., mailed to 2513 Buckingham Drive, Heath TX 75032.

Let’s do something good together!

Joy Hill Hebert
Baker Hill
Jon Low

Harriet Edwards Michael
Elaine Neil Orr
Kevin Reece, President

Susan Taylor
Ron Wasson
Ellen Mayhall Williams