Matching Challenge successfully met!

     A generous couple offered to match donations to NFW for the latter part of 2022, up to an aggregate of $25,000. This was a unique and valuable opportunity—if you made a gift, this match doubled it. The result of this matching challenge means we will have more money to devote to projects in Nigeria than ever before. 

     Nigeria Faithful Works has been working for 18 years in partnership with Nigerians who are laboring faithfully and even heroically to carry on the work missionaries started earlier. In a country where 90% of the people live on less than $2 a day, institutions struggle in very daunting conditions. Faced with difficulties of high inflation and widespread poverty, Nigerian institutions constantly face financial challenges. NFW helps make projects possible that they can’t fund themselves, but can sustain or maintain once a project is in place. Each project impacts many lives. All projects are requested by Nigerians, and each project has a Nigerian project manager. In most cases, NFW provides all or part of the funding and our partners provide the manpower. 

       In March 2023 the NFW Council will meet and make allocations to ongoing and new projects for the coming year. The increase in funding provides an opportunity to undertake more ambitious projects than in the past.

      All NFW’s overhead is paid for with personal gifts from NFW Council members, so that all other gifts from donors like you go 100% to projects in Nigeria.

      To all who have supported NFW, we give a heartfelt thank you! We’re very grateful for you. We’re all doing something good together!

           Joy Hill Hebert
           Baker Hill
           Jon Low

Harriet Edwards Michael
Elaine Neil Orr
Kevin Reece, President

Susan Taylor
Ron Wasson
Ellen Mayhall Williams