The Mission

Young mother preparing food

The mission of Nigeria Faithful Works (NFW) is to advance sustainable solutions that address practical needs of the people of Nigeria.

NFW was formed to honor the dedication of Nigerians who carry on ministries and services to their fellow countrymen and women. We act as a network uniting friends of Nigeria, including former missionaries to Nigeria and their adult children, and other people of faith and action in Nigeria and around the globe.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Share knowledge
  • Build capacity
  • Foster autonomy
  • Seek contact with other resource groups and organizations with similar goals
  • Exclude personal gain for any individuals involved

How Projects in Nigeria Come About:

  • Requests for projects are initiated by, and carried out in association with Nigerian partners
  • Projects are encouraged that can serve as effective models and be carried out at minimal expense
  • Nigerians invest a share of financial and other equity in projects
  • Once completed, projects are to be sustained by Nigerian partners

NFW Projects:

In Gratitude:

NFW wants to express great appreciation to all the friends and partners in Nigeria whose insight, dedication and hard work have been instrumental to the success of all the projects on which we have worked together.