First Baptist Church, Shiroro
Status: Underway
Project Managers: Rev. E. O. Osadeyi and Ron Wasson

The First Baptist Church of Shiroro was planted in the early 1980s by the First Baptist Church of Minna, pastored then by Dr. David Adeniran.  Shiroro is about thirty miles northeast of Minna.

The Shiroro church is also operating a school even though construction of the building is not yet complete.  The work has reached the top of the walls and the next step is to add the roof. In 2023 and again in 2024 NFW sent a gift to assist toward the cost of the roofing.

unfinished roof

progress on roof

A lot of progress has been made towards completing the roof and the children are eager to move into the new building.

Due to the remote location of Shiroro, development there is difficult, and this is compounded by economic difficulties in the country which affect local fundraising. This has hampered the growth of the church and school, but the members are pressing on as well as they are able.


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