Cameroonian Refugee Assistance

Gembu, Taraba State
Status: Ongoing
Project Managers: Rev. Paul Njeru and Baker Hill

Since 2016 there has been constant fighting in Cameroon between the English-speaking areas of the country and the majority French-speaking areas. This has resulted in many thousands of displaced people, both within Cameroon and in adjacent areas of Nigeria. There are around 70,000 people who have fled the conflict and gone through the bush to Nigeria seeking safety.

One of these refugees is a Cameroonian Baptist pastor who was seminary-trained in Nigeria. Rev. Paul Njeru installed himself in Gembu, Taraba State, just across the border from Cameroon’s English-speaking section. He began immediately to try to meet the many needs of the refugees, including meals, medical help, clothing, education for children and training for adults. Bringing people together, he formed a medical team made up of local Nigerians and medically-trained refugees.

Medical team treating refugees

Nigeria Faithful Works was made aware of this ministry through connections in Cameroon, and sent NFW Project Coordinator John Edor to find out how we might come alongside. John was very impressed with Rev. Njeru and his vision for helping, and provided us with much useful information.

Rev. Njeru giving out Maggi bouillon cubes to refugees.

NFW sent a small contribution in 2021, which was used to provide meals for schoolchildren and medicines for sick people. Rev. Njeru’s clear accountability and enthusiasm for the task led us to make a larger commitment in 2022, and again in 2023.

“I appreciate your organisation very much. God bless you and continue to provide for you. The funds will be used to buy food and medical supplies for the refugees.  Once more, thank you.”   –Rev. Paul Njeru