Providing Computers

Baptist Girls High School, Agbor
Completed in 2019
Project Managers: Victoria Eghrujakpo and Baker Hill

In the town of Agbor, now in Delta State, there is a high school for girls that was founded back in 1946. Many of us who grew up in Nigeria have memories of the school and the missionaries and others who worked there over the years. After having seen the condition of many of the Nigerian schools, the NFW Council members wondered about Agbor, which is now difficult to visit due to road and security conditions. Resident Nigeria Project Coordinator John Edor was asked to inquire about the current state of the school, and whether it was still in operation. Mr. Edor was pleasantly surprised to find the school in good health, with many students being trained for leadership in different areas of Nigeria.

Edor and others at Agbor

John Edor of NFW (center left), principal Victoria Aghrujakpo (center right) and two colleagues celebrate agreement for the computer project.

Mrs. Victoria Aghrujakpo, the principal, presented some of the priority needs of the school, which, as most others do, depends on school fees and the generosity of local Baptist people for continued operation.  She felt that the school was lagging behind in the teaching of information technology, and asked for help in supplying computers. NFW provided funds for this in May 2019.

“Thanks to your organization for providing us with the computers.  We express our heartfelt gratitude. May God continue to shower his blessings on you all.  Amen.”
-Mrs. Eghrujakpo, school principal

Baptist Girls’ High School, Agbor