School Aid

Novisha Garden School, Iriebe, Rivers State
Status: Underway
Project Managers: Rev. John Richard and Baker Hill

In 2022 Pastor John Richard reached out to NFW for his church and school in Iriebe, a near suburb of Port Harcourt. NFW was not able to help at that time, but this became possible in 2023. NFW’s Project Coordinator John Edor traveled to Iriebe to meet Rev. Richard and assess the situation.

Pastor Richard was formerly a Baptist foreign missionary for seven years in Burkina Faso and upon his return to Nigeria settled in Iriebe to pastor. He also founded the Novisha Garden School. Mr. Edor reported that the school was meeting in cramped quarters in the rented church building. The school needed chairs and tables, since it was using the church’s furniture, which needed to be moved back and forth each week. Eventually the school would need to be moved out to larger quarters, since even with the small number of current students there is not enough room.

Students at Novisha Garden School

NFW funds are being used toward resources for Novisha Garden School.

The school has found it difficult to charge sufficient fees to be self-sustaining, especially since the church itself is in a rented building. The pastor’s wife is the school headmistress, and there are some paid teachers while other teachers are volunteers.

NFW provided initial funds in 2023 toward the purchase of tables and chairs as school property.

Rev John Richard of Iriebe

“Please accept our immense gratitude to your organisation. Your support will go a long way in helping us achieve our objectives.”
—Rev. John Richard