Water Distribution System

Baptist Medical Centre, Saki
Completed in 2009
Project Managers: Dr. Segun Ojebode and Gita Larson

The Baptist Medical Centre in Saki had an excellent water well but no piping distribution system. For many years the water had to be carried once a day by an aging tanker truck to small tanks adjacent to each of the many buildings on campus. When NFW Council member Gita Larson visited her old home town in 2005, she was approached by the hospital’s director Dr. Segun Ojebode about the need for a greatly improved supply system.

Hospital employees dug the trenches to install the extensive pipe lines

Digging trenches for laying the water pipes

The hospital has served the people of the Saki area since 1952. Gita Larson’s mother Margaret Richardson was the first doctor on staff there. The compound is the site of not only the hospital but also staff housing and a large school. About a thousand people are on the grounds every day as patients, staff, residents, or students, and they all need water.


Inspection of the tower construction

Dr. Ojebode (right) and M. A. Olomitutu inspect progress on the tank tower

NFW volunteer engineer Chris Strock drew up plans for a large overhead tank at the highest point on the property and a gravity-fed piping system to supply all the hospital buildings, staff residences and the school.  Dr. Ojebode directed the work with guidance from Rev. Taiwo Wojuola, a skilled plumber who had been involved in previous NFW water projects.  The Medical Centre staff dug underground trenches, laid and connected all the pipes, built the overhead tank tower, and installed all equipment including pumps and valves.

Now the Medical Centre has clean water at all campus buildings all the time.

Dr. Ojebode (center) and the hospital staff celebrates the completion of the project. The pipes from the borehole that feeds the system are coming out of the ground in front of the staff

Dr. Ojebode (center) and the hospital staff celebrate the completion of the project. The pipes coming from the borehole and feeding the system are in front of the staff

“Sanitation in the hospital is far better now, and life is easier for us. There is no longer the expense of trucking water to each building, a little at a time. We are excited, and we are very thankful. We have sufficient water through the love of NFW. May God bless everyone who was involved.”
—Dr. Segun Ojebode