Campus Improvements

Baptist College of Theology, Jos, Plateau State
Status: Underway
Project Managers: Rev. Danjuma Pikatda and Baker Hill

Founded in 1989, the school began in the city of Jos with a dozen students. Some years later it moved to a larger campus in the suburb of Lamingo. It was struggling without the infrastructure needed for the student population which is now more than 200. There was a need for more classroom and meeting space for the women and students’ wives on campus, there was no library. Students were having to prepare their meals outdoors while exposed to the elements.

In 2023 NFW provided funds toward the construction of a library and other campus improvements. Due to limited funding, the work is being built in stages as financing allows. Once completed, these will be valuable assets for the students.

In 2018, NFW funded roofing to complete the school’s Women’s Training Centre, as well as a well-built open air shelter near the dormitory for food preparation, so that meals could be prepared regardless of the weather. Both projects greatly enhanced the quality of student experience.

Womens’ training center

Ethnic/religious violence has affected the students and hindered the progress of the improvement projects.  NFW has been impressed with the initiative of the school’s rector, Rev. Danjuma Pikatda, and hopes to be able to continue financial support towards the eventual completion of the campus improvements.

Unfinished library, Lamingo (Jos)

The library is taking shape. The top three rows of concrete block are newly installed, and more in the foreground ready to be added.

Rev. Danjuma Pikatda, Rector

“On behalf of all of us at the Baptist College of Theology, we are grateful to NFW for providing the funds for these valuable improvements. We thank you for your love and for helping us expand the Kingdom of God.”
—Rev. Danjuma Pikatda