New Roofings

Baptist College of Theology, Lamingo
Completed in 2018
Project Managers: Rev. Danjuma Pikatda and Baker Hill

The College of Theology, located just outside Jos in Northern Nigeria, found itself lacking sufficient facilities to accommodate the increasing number of students who were enrolling. The school needed more classroom and meeting space for the women and student wives on campus. Another problem was that the students were having to cook and prepare their meals in the outdoors in an open courtyard, exposed to the elements.

The school’s rector, Rev. Danjuma Pikatda, discussed with NFW members the need for a project to roof the Women’s Training Centre and provide a shelter for food preparation. NFW was impressed by the initiative of Rev. Pikatda and his team.

kitchen shelter

Sheltered kitchen taking shape in 2018

Training center with new roof and exterior

Women’s Training Centre

Founded in 1989, the school began in the city of Jos with a dozen students. Some years later it moved to a larger campus in the nearby town of Lamingo, but it has struggled to provide the proper infrastructure for the student population which is now more than 200.

NFW provided funds in 2018 for putting a roof on the partially-built Women’s Training Centre, and constructed an open-air cooking shelter for the new dormitory so meals could be prepared while protected from rain.

The Women’s Centre is awaiting doors, windows, and interior furnishings in order to be completely usable.

“On behalf of all of us at the Baptist College of Theology, we are grateful to NFW for providing the funds for these valuable improvements. We thank you for your love and for helping us expand the Kingdom of God.”
—Rev. Danjuma Pikatda