OLD         Biomedical Engineering Training Update

Repairing an anesthesia ventilator

Repairing an anesthesia ventilator

Just fixed a bililight

Just fixed a bililight!

Working on an anesthesia machine

Working on an anesthesia machine

Beginning in late October through early November 2011, Mr. Rob Dickinson made his fifth two-week visit to BUTH where he worked again with the teaching hospital staff in biomed equipment inventory, upkeep, and training.  This fifth visit marks a renewal of NFW’s and BUTH’s commitment to reaching greater sustainability in biomedical equipment upkeep.  Rob’s arrival was arranged to coincide with an influx of new equipment aimed at BUTH’s bid for accreditation.  His presence is an asset in assessing equipment capacity, maintenance needs, and integration of equipment into the medical complex.  Professor Wole Adebo has become a strong advocate for our mutual project, commenting at every turn on the valuable contribution NFW is making to the institution and to the technical and medical staff.  We are encouraged by the confluence of talent we have found in Adebo’s leadership, the technical staff’s ingenuity, and Rob’s years as a teacher in biomedical technology.  We foresee more opportunities to continue these teaching workshops, expanding knowledge and sharing information.

In March and September, 2010, Rob Dickinson made his third and fourth trips to Bowen University Teaching Hospital (BUTH)–formerly known as Baptist Medical Centre Ogbomoso– concluding NFW’s initially envisioned scope for this project.  Each visit lasted two weeks.  Work continued to focus on methods of equipment maintenance and repair, creating databases of equipment and schedules for routine maintenance, trouble-shooting techniques, education of all medical and hospital staff in the significance of equipment servicing, advising on inventory, and general recommendations in regard to biomedical engineering at the teaching hospital.  During the summer months, Segun Ogunlana and John Aiyes completed their biomedical engineering training at Valley View University in Ghana.

Following the March visit, Mr. Dickinson wrote an encouraging report about the general climate change around the hospital in regard to the significance of biomedical equipment and technology.  He continued to find Mr. Ogunlana and Mr. Aiyes advancing in their knowledge and capacity.

And yet with the changes at the hospital and significant new pieces of equipment–in particular the new ICU unit–there is still important progress to be made in routine maintenance, stable inventory, and overall support.

The Council agreed that this project has not reached maturity though meaningful progress has been made.  We are continuing to work with BUTH and Mr. Dickinson to achieve the goal of moving toward greater sustainability of medical equipment at the teaching hospital.

A long range option to maximize biomedical engineering training includes the possibility that BUTH technicians may train staff at other Nigerian institutions, including Baptist Medical Centre Saki.

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