Trolley Top

First find a suitable piece of stainless steel

Segun & Sunday

Then mark it out to make several plates

Cleaning up

Then cut it and remove sharp edges


Then mark out each plate and create electrical connection tabs with an angle grinder

checking battery tabs

Checking the battery tabs


Then file and make sure that locally available motorcycle battery connectors fit the tabs nicely

Scrapped monitor interface adaptor

Then find a scrapped ECG monitor from which to harvest "grab spares" in the form of female jack plug connectors


Then cut and solder a harvested "disposable" electrosurgical plate connector to the female jack plug to create an interface adaptor to the new ‘reusable’ plate cable – Sorry about the filthy nails – was really dirty work!!


Then electrically test that the connectors are still good


Make up enough interface adaptors and cables to use on all the Operating Room ESUs


Shopping for jack plugs

One of the reusable plate cable (audio jack) connectors bought in

One of the reusable plate cable "audio jack" connectors bought in town

Working part

Bingo – the first prototype for clinical testing is made and it works safely. New ‘reusable’ patient plate and interface adaptor on left, the expensive (adhesive) "disposable" patient plate and cable that it replaces on the right


Medical doctor David DuVall, NFW Council member, demonstrates for council members the disposable patient plate and cable.